Property Update

We had the membership vote Sunday June 4 after church regarding selling some of our property. Option “B”, sell the smaller parcels, place the funds in a restricted fund to be used only for purchasing a building/property and retain the large parcel passed by a large majority. We are excited to be taking steps forward towards securing a permanent home for our church!

Property Q & A Meeting


Mark your calendars for another Property Q&A Meeting at the church office location May 31st at 7:00pm. We'll talk thorough what possibilities are opening up for us and why we'd like to consider selling some of the parcels. Then plan to stay after church June 4th for a short meeting and a membership vote regarding the possible sale of part of the property. We will have a table with information in the courtyard at church and you can also contact Jose Morales if you have questions at


We have a recent development with the proposed lease to  use the SDA facilities for 2017. There is a significant increase in our rent of about two and a half times the amount we currently pay based on our current use of the SDA facilities. Our lease runs May 1st through April 30th of the calendar year. After the LT and Ministry Leaders' review, we can't see how our church can afford the proposed rate increase and feel we woul not be good stewards of God's monies if we agreed to it as it stands, As a result, we have decided to begin a proactive search for a new facility.

We have just begun the preliminary process of putting a task team together to begin researching short and long term solutions that will leverage the property the church owns. The task team will be lead by Jeremie McKnight, who will keep us informed weekly of the teams progress.

What we are doing currently:

Facilities Requirements

  • Identify space minimum requirements
  • Define a budget
  • Identify a general location

Task Team

  • Identify the team
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Schedule kick-off meeting

Next Steps

  • Planning to meet with SDA to review options of the lease agreement
  • looking into a couple of potential short term solutions
  • Have preliminary short term report in approximately 2 weeks
  • Pray, Pray, Pray

We have known our time here was temporary and feel confidant that God is calling us now to begin the next steps of our journey as a church. I am excited to see what His pan will unfold.

Please pray with me that our team is successful in finding a solution that will best serve His kingdom here in Placerville.

Thank you,

Jose Morales,

Bayside of Placerville - Leadership Team Chair