Bayside Leadership Team Nomination Vote

Bayside of Placerville Members are invited to vote for our candidates:

Bill Morecraft  -  Mike Spade  -  Jerry White

The Polls open Tuesday, May 8th and close Sunday, May 13th.

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Options to Vote

Who can vote? Bayside of Placerville Church Members

Online Vote: If you cannot pick up an absentee ballot or attend our upcoming Sunday Congregation Vote,

Vote Online, Click Here

Absentee Vote: Stop by our church office location to cast your vote Tuesday through Friday between 10am - 2pm.

Congregation Vote: Sunday, May  13th, immediately following church services, stay for a brief meeting and to cast your vote for the Leadership Team Nominees.

NOTE: Your online ballot requires your name, email, and a 'yes' or 'no' vote for each nominee listed. Only one ballot per member will be accepted.

Scroll down to meet your 2018 Leadership Team Nominees.

Meet Your Bayside Leadership Candidates

Please take a few moments to get to know the nominees running for

Bayside of Placerville Church Leadership Team. 

  • Bill Morecraft

    Bill Morecraft lives in Camino, CA. He is married to his wife Cheri and they have two grown children, Katie and Matt. Bill is a senior vice president of Blue Diamond Growers and is responsible for Global Ingredients. Bill came to know and understand Jesus Christ as his savior in the 5th grade. “As I have grown through my adult life, it has become increasingly important to submit to Christ as Lord.”


    Bill is currently participating in a small group with consistent responsibilities. He would like to see Bayside of Placerville grow as a community of ‘believers’ committed to loving God and loving others as themselves. He appreciates Al’s exhortation to be known by “what we are for, not what we are against.” That BOP is a ministry of reconciliation to a lost world.


    As a part of the Leadership Team, Bill feels he has administrative skills gained through work and previous church experiences that he can offer the group and our congregation. He feels strongly that he can exhort and participate with the Leadership Team in discerning and following God’s Lead. Bill also stresses he would avidly seek God’s vision for how we would use Bayside of Placerville for God’s people. Additionally, Bill strength lies in his skill to communicate to large groups in a straightforward and trusting manner.   

  • Mike Spade

    Mike Spade lives in Pollock Pines and is married to his wife Robin. When asked his occupation he says that he is semi-retired. Mike shared with us that he made Jesus Christ Lord of his life after living for himself for 20 years. “I gave my life to Christ who loves me and has given me a purpose to live for Him.” What some of you may not know about Mike is that he has a passion for serving the Lord here in Placerville and through many ministries in the Philippines and Mexico to name a few.


    Bayside of Placerville has been blessed to have Mike and his wife serve on the Welcoming Team as well as with our local High School ministry at Union Mine. Mike sees the vision of Bayside of Placerville to serve God and let God change or mold the church.


    As a member of our leadership Team, Mike has expressed his desire to answer our Lord, “Willingness to serve God in any way He sees fit to use me.”

  • Jerry White

    Jerry White lives in Placerville and is married to Cathy. They have two adult daughters, Jana Martin and Melody Peotter who have two children each, four grandchildren blessed! Jerry’s occupation is with Arborwell, PHC and his position there is program Director, Certified Arborist.


    Jerry’s shared how he made Jesus Christ Lord of his life in the last part of high school. “I had a coach and several team members that answered questions about Jesus and the bible as I asked. They also demonstrated Christ’s love in practical ways which helped me see another side of the church than what I was used to. Two years later I was at a friend’s house and his mom started asking me questions about my life and if I knew where I was going when I died. She told me things about my heart that I had not shared with others. I accepted Christ that day. I started walking more fully with Christ a year later when I went away to school and was introduced to the Vineyard movement.”


    Jerry White is a faithful servant at Bayside of Placerville as he works each week on the tear down team before and after Sunday service as well as Leading a small connection group.